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Hello Fresno Students

Say hello to your new home away from home


Since 2003, California State University, Fresno has provided an online database of off-campus housing for our students. This resource provides an efficient method for local landlords to post a suitable rental for a student while they attend university for a nominal cost. Over 1,100 landlords and property managers have posted here helping us provide this invaluable resource to our students.

Students, try posting for a roommate on our free Roommate Finder matching service to find that great roommate BEFORE you look for a place.

Landlords, our off-campus housing inventory is low and our students need quality housing while attending CSU Fresno and we need your help. Your first listing is always free with us and returning private landlords can receive a free listing by using discount code FRESNO101 to receive 100% off your next listing ad.

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